New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney

Why Select Lance J. Robinson as your Criminal Defense Attorney?

For those charged with a criminal offense, the Misdemeanor Courts may require that you personally appear. As a client of our office, we will make all of those appearances with and/or for you. This is especially useful for those clients who live great distances from New Orleans or those who work during the hours Court is in session. With few exceptions, the only time you will have to appear in a Criminal Court is when the case is finally disposed. If you are charged with a felony, we will appear with you at all court proceedings.

If there are any flaws in your case - find them. Determine if any of your rights were violated (reasonable suspicion, probable cause, illegal search and seizure). Guarantee that your rights are protected in the future. If the evidence is overwhelming against you... negotiate the best possible disposition.

The Law Office of Lance J. Robinson conducts business in a way which demonstrates a deep respect for our clients as individuals. We look at each legal need - whether you're in need of criminal defense...are in the midst of a family struggle... engaging in a contractual endeavor. Your priorities determine our legal objectives and strategies.

We investigate each client's case, making an independent determination of all the evidence, possible defenses, and the credibility of witnesses. Also, our investigation may answer questions on whether or not your Constitutional Rights were protected

Your priority should be to obtain legal counsel that clearly understands your legal situation. We approach cases on an individual basis depending on each client's needs.

To sucessfully initiate aggressive criminal defense tatics for your Felony, Misdemeanor or DWI defense, action must be taken promply. Rules must be adhered to. Certain defense strategies may be time sensitive and no longer in existence after a period of time. Favorable evidence critical to your defense, if it exists, must be identifed and located.

· Traffic offenses and misdemeanors
· Felony Charges
· Drugs Offenses
· Skilled Louisiana trial attorney
· Experienced trial lawyer

Lance Robinson has handled numerous criminal cases including marijuana and other drug crimes, DUI / DUI, and other criminal charges including battery, drunk in public, lewd conduct, criminal trespass, and other municipal charges.

When individuals face a misdemeanor or felony charge, perhaps the most important decision they make is who to retain as their criminal defense lawyer. Choose an Louisiana criminal lawyer that will give your case confidential, personal, and professional attention.

New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney

Call Mr. Robinson today at 504.465.0101 for a no-cost initial consultation if you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you.


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